GDC events recording but no notifications

I recently installed a GDC, but I have never received notifications on my iPhone. Well, that’s not true, I receive them for half a day but otherwise I’ve never gotten them. This was a few months ago. Garage door events are being logged, just no notifications. I’ve checked that notifications in system settings is correct, and the camera and garage door controller notification settings are turned on, and notifications are not silenced in the Wyze app. Anyone else have this issue? FYI, this is the second GDC I have tried.

Is that your only Wyze device? If you have other, do you get notifications from the other devices? Can you post screen shots of your device/app notification settings?

There are three levels of notification control.

  1. Device level. These are the settings in your cameras settings.
  2. Wyze account level. Is the bell silenced? Notifications enabled in your wyze account?
  3. App level. Is the app notifications itself silenced in your phones OS?

If any of the three are disabled, you won’t get notifications, but all need to be enabled to get notifications to go through.

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Do we still have the concentric circles of notifications saved somewhere? I seem to have lost My saved page for that. That was a great resource however many years ago! I want to say loki made that!

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Thanks for the response!

Now you mention it, I have not gotten notifications from my other Wyze devices. I’ve checked it all, seems all setting are good to go:

Thanks for asking if I was getting any other Wyze notifications. I wasn’t, and when I searched the forums for this flavor of the problem, there was someone who solved it by uninstalling the Wyze app, rebooting the phone, then reinstalling the app. That did the trick! All is better with the world now, appreciate your help.

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