No Feature Request Forum

I thought I saw a feature request forum (thread) when I first signed up a few weeks ago. Guess not.

I’ve had my cams almost a month now, and while I love them, I have one or two ideas I think might make them even better!

One is the option to turn off push notifications, while still making snippets of events, but on a per camera basis. Right now you can only turn off notifications for all cameras at once. I am a full time caretaker for my elderly mother. I would like push notifications for her but not for my other cams.


Another is an option in Android, for where to put downloaded video. Right now it saves them to internal shortage.

I have forwarded this to the keeper of the feature request list. Camera-by-camera push notification is on the to be implemented list. I don’t know when.

You may be able to use IFTTT by sending a notification per camera or all (actually i think you can)

That’s true. You can use the IFTTT Wyze “motion detected” trigger to trigger any IFTTT compatible notification action you wish such as text, email, push notification, etc. Just be aware that due to the nature of how IFTTT operations, there will be some inherent delay or lag.