No Events Found?

Every few days my camera seems to Stop. Is there a limit on how many clips it can store? When I click on Events at the bottom, no events are there and it says something like Make sure your camera is set up to record and No Events Found.
I just click on Reset Filters and eventually it starts recording clips down there but surely there is a better answer. My camera is

Are you using the supplied 5V-2A power adapter?
Is your camera set to record just smart detections or all motion events?
Pull the plug on the camera or restart via smart plug then check your recording settings. Mine has Cam Plus and is set to record smart detections.

Thank you for your note! I appreciate any help I can get! The camera is plugged into the electrical outlet using the cord attached to the camera and it is set to record all - basically everything. I will pull it from the outlet and then reconnect it to the outlet to see if that helps. Is this something I need to do daily? Is there a limit on how many clips it will record/hold?

No there is no limit and no you do not have to do it daily. Maybe clearing the cache on the app. force closing the app. will help. You could also sign out the back in to your account on the app and maybe also restart you device.
Do you have a good Wi-Fi signal to the camera?

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Filters only control what is shown for what is already uploaded to the cloud. The filter options in the Event tab has no connection to your camera and doesn’t not control any function of the camera.

The cloud stores your clips (if you have cam plus) for 14 days. If you are talking about the SD card recordings, that depends on your quality settings, SD card size and weither you have it set to continuous or events only (and if this is selected, how many events you get daily).

Thank you so much this is very helpful!! Ok I will stop Resetting the Filters since that isn’t helpful. Out of everything you mentioned, I think the only thing could be - maybe my wifi is weak at various times - could that take ALL of the events away? The camera is an outside camera located outside of my house - the wifi works out there just fine, but to be fair - the wifi does have to travel through the brick wall of our house since the wifi router and etc is all located inside of our house. If a wobbly wifi is the issue - what do you suggest? My wifi works just fine out there as I am often outside on the patio working with my computer and wifi (Zoom etc), but maybe the camera needs more or a stronger wifi signal. The camera is recording events just fine now and has been since 8:02am, but the camera didn’t record any events from yesterday evening around 9pm. So that is basically 12 hours of events that aren’t there. There is no way my wifi was wobbly for 12 hours. But I think that is the only viable choice based on the things you mentioned below. I don’t have an SD card - so thank you for answering my question about how long the clips are stored. 14 days is great!

I recommend that you dump out your piggy bank, gather up about $20.00 in pennies and go buy a good brand High Performance SD card at least a 128GB in size, put it in your camera and set it to record continuous so you can view what was recorded using the playback function on the app. The camera will still record to the SD even if the Wi-Fi is wonky or even it disconnects. Just open the cam to live view and tap the SD card to get the recording time line.

Ok this is great - this is a great work around assuming that the Wifi is the issue. Thank you!!! Alison

I did as you suggested and dumped my piggy bank out and bought the SDCard. So now I am NOT at the mercy of my Wifi- thank you!! I feel much better secured now! Thanks, Alison

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I have been using a Samsung 256GB SD in my V3 Pro for a long time recording 24/7 and it has been great. Which SD card did you purchase?