No Event and no Notification

I have 5 camera’s and until last week i was getting events and notifications from all 5 cameras but since 29th Aug, 2020. I am only getting events from 1 camera, i tried to change the sensitivity also for all the cameras but still its not triggering any alerts. I am on the latest version of the firmware i.e.

Hello @deyadav and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having this issue, have you tried restarting the cameras in the app.

can you submit a log from app account-> help&feedback → submit a log , and post the LOG ID here.

It would be great if you can verify the issue in an controlled environment, e.g. outside of the cooldown time, walk in front of the camera, and make sure there is no event recorded.

Thanks Jason and WyzeDongsheng for the replies.

  1. Yes I restarted the cameras multiple times but that didn’t fix the issue.
  2. Yes I also tried the controlled environment but even with that i didn’t receive the events.

This issue happened before to one of my camera but then i thought it might be the camera but last week this happened again for 4 of the cameras.

Good thing is, since last night I am again getting the events so I am not sure where the issue is/was but if this happens again I will follow WyzeDongsheng advice and will submit the logs from the app.

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