Notifications for one remaining camera

I have 5 cameras V2 and V3. All provide notifications except one. It provides a note that: You will not receive these notifications until you enable event recording. Event recording is on all day and there is a 'Smart Detection icon. I click on the icon and goes to a new screen and doesn’t provide any text. How do I get notifications on this V2 camera?
I love all the other cameras but this one has a bug. Firmware is up to date.

Welcome to the community @jackcatlin1

What version of the Wyze app are you using?

I would start by unplugging the v2 Camera wait for about 1 minute and the plug it back it so it will re-establish connection with your network. After it comes up, go to the Camera settings and do the following:

  • Start with Event Recording, go into Cam Plus, turn all off and back out, it is critical to back out as that seems to commit the changes.
  • Go Back into Cam Plus and check what you would like to be notified on again and back out as well.
  • Then I would do the same on Notifications turn off Wyze AI and back out, then go back and turn it on again.

Basically you are resetting the desired options. I have seen where the GUI will report one thing, but in reality the opposite is true.