No detection zone in phone app

Some how I no longer have the detection zone on my phone app. Has this feature been moved to cam plus? Does anyone else have this problem? I do not have cam plus and I am annoyed each time by the pop up for cam plus after viewing a playback of recorded videos. Both the app and firmware are up to date.

In addition, when a person enters the frame, it is logged as “motion” and not “person”.

Wyze is trying it’s hardest to force me into never buying a Wyze product again with their buggy software on both the app and and firmware

Few troubleshooting questions for you, what actual app version are you using? What actual firmware version is on the camera? Saying no detection zone, do you mean that the setting or menu were you set up your detector zone is no longer there? Can you provide screenshots? Have you contacted support on this yet? If you do not have cam plus, do you have cam plus lite? To get the person tags on your event videos, you need at least cam plus lite.


I was pretty specific in my post in re: software/firmware versions. There is not a detection zone in camera settings. It is hard to take a screen shot if it is not there. Since when do I need camplus lite for person tagging? It used to be there? Contacting support is a waste in futility.

In order for the community, and Wyze, to assist you better, please always provide all of the following.

  • Phone/tablet type and OS version on phone/tablet
  • Wyze app version
  • Firmware version installed on Wyze device

This is needed because “latest” and “up to date” are subjective. It is also important to distinguish whether an issue is actually with a beta version, as opposed to a public release.

Some form of service has always been required, not necessarily a pay service. For example, Cam Plus Lite provides Person Detection and you can apply Cam Plus Lite to your cam free of charge. The name for the minimal service that provides Person Detection has undergone numerous changes over time. You probably remember Cam Plus Lite as “Person Detection (Pilot)”:


No, you were not. I’m still trying to find the software/firmware version you are on, based on your post.

We all get frustrated with Wyze shortcomings but that is not a reason to take it on forum users.


I used to have cam plus lite that would detect person. But the updates for either camera and software apparently wiped that out. Nice coding by Wyse. How does one get cam plus lite back?

The app clearly states “up to date” for both camera and app on software/firmware. I have an android phone. I am not going to do any hand holding here. Do the research to find out what versions are

Instructions here:

Cam Plus Lite Getting Started

1st link in support article has step-by-step and a video that explains how to avoid cost if you so choose.


It turns out that I have been subscribed to Cam Plus Lite all along. But I still have no detection zone and Person triggered recording is still marked as “Motion”

It’s been stated already that providing the firmware version will let the group here know what branch of app or firmware you have. The latest production branch of firmware, latest beta branch as well as others like RTSP firmware can all say up to date.

If one runs into an issue with one or another, the issue can be triaged and sent in different directions based on what it’s from.

I realize that, but what is there, blank screen, grayed out button etc can help in the bug reporting process. Photos and screen shots take out the lost in translation aspect of claims.

At a minimum you need cam plus lite (CPL), for the person tagging. Cam plus (CP) has it to, but CPL can be free whereas CP has a minimal fee with it.

Sounds like you may have had a bad experience with them, but that is the official support channel around here. The forums here and the other Communitys have a lot of knowledgeable users and great content, but the official way to get assistance is through Support. From there they can forward your potential bug reports to the correct department.

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Wow man, hold on to your horses. Up to date means nothing to anyone on this forum. My cameras show firmware as up to date, but there are quite a bit of users with newer firmware that states up to date. BTW, you are not holding anybody’s hand. You are the one with a problem here and lack of respect for fellow user on this forum will get you no were. I for one refuse to help you, so good luck.

Just remember, this is not Wyze official site, this is user to user forum with people volunteering their time to help other users.

If you don’y like it, take it Wyze customer support.

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Up to date is not subjective. It means there is not a newer version. Just like when your computer tells you your driver(s) are up to date. Judging by your lack of known definitions, wrong news is worse than no news. So please don’t try to help me. PS: re-read your posts before hitting the reply button.

It is subjective as there are so many different versions. What is up to date for you might not be up to date to the rest of us. [removed - community guidelines]

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This is the V3 cam forum so we should only be discussing V3 cameras. Of course there are many versions but “Up To Date” means the latest version

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about and neither do I.
I’ve included a screenshot that proves “Up to Date” means the latest version. If you don’t know what the latest version means then that’s on you. Up to date is synonymous the latest version. The anyone with a different version than noted, then their version is not up to date. If you don’t have a V3 camera then you shouldn’t be posting in this group.
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[deleted] there are more than one up to date firmwares:

Just in case anyone else is confused by the issue, there are four up to date firmware versions for v3 cams:

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So, here is a screen capture of all my v3 cams on firmware showing as “up to date”.

I rest my case.

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