No deletion

When you select ‘events’, and the screen appears with the thumbnails of events, if you click to view the event, the bottom of the screen offers the delete button… It does nothing… It should delete the event you are viewing. Instead you have to scroll back to the top, select edit and then select the event you wish to delete and then it will delete that… Can you fix that???

When you tap the Delete button from an Event view screen, you should get a confirmation dialog. After accepting that you will be returned to the Events list. You may still see the Event listed there until you do a pull-down refresh of the Events list. (You don’t have to delete the event from the list; only need to refresh.)

That said, the thumbnail should be gone when the screen returns to the Event list. Please submit a Support Request on this to report it. (I will too.)

Mine deletes fine and then the event is removed when it goes back to the list on Android. It’s a bug on iOS app v2.11.