No Contact From Support..

I’m looking to find out how to get support from Wyze? I have created a support ticket (online) over one week ago, and then a second ticket (asking for some type of response, a couple of days ago), and am not receiving any contact. I understand when I created the ticket, they mentioned it could take 4-5 days for them to reach me, however it’s been about 8 days now (six business days). Unfortunately, I am unable to call them since I typically don’t get home from work early enough (during business hours). I really did NOT want to create a new topic on this, but I’m starting to really get annoyed, since I have a new camera that is not working… And yes, I have been checking my spam folder for emails, in case anybody was curious…

The last time I had to create a ticket for support, they got back to me within the four days, I’m thinking by now somebody should have reached out to me.

Any guidance or nudge to support, would be most helpful and appreciated.


They have been swamped and are farther behind than they would like to be.

At least so said by Wyze people here on the forum.


We are super sorry about this! K6CCC is correct about us being further behind than we would like. We’re working on it but there have definitely been delays. If you haven’t heard back yet, would you like to give me your support ticket number so that I can escalate this? :slight_smile: