No cam 3 or OG clips appearing on app

All of a sudden (noon EST) “No Events”, have appeared on my apps event tab.

I was not aware of the July 20th app update deadline. Now complete, still no Events on the app

All the cams are recording events in playback mode (OG, Cam 3 n Cam 2).

Only my Cam 2 events appear on the App.
I’ve disabled The “Smart Detection” feature.
Twith no success !

The App has been Updated n restarted, too !

What else, can I do next ?

Just verified that I am getting events on my OG-Tele, V2 & V3 cameras all day.

Are the cameras firmware up to date?

Did you power cycle the cams and then verify all the settings in each wasn’t mysteriously reverted by the app update? It has happened to a toggle or two in the past.

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Yes, that was the 1st thing I checked

I will go and power cycle the cams.
I noticed they were all unchecked prior to, the update and remained checked after update.

The update did disconnect, my Alexa integration.

Thx Guyz,

Wyze Cam rule #1 ?
Power Cycle the Cams ?

There goes my “Wyze-Tag” repairman commercials! :open_mouth::wink::laughing:

Thx again.