No Audio Coming from Wyze Robot Vacuum

Since last week my Wyze Robot Vacuum is no longer playing any audio notifications (starting area clean, returning to charge, dustbin removed, etc.)

Anyone else suffering from this and have a fix?

The manual says I can hold down the power button for 3 seconds to turn off my vacuum and then turn it on again the same way, but that doesn’t seem to be working from what I can tell.

I do not want to lose my current map of my house so I’m trying to avoid a factory reset.

Is there any way to reboot the Robot Vacuum to see if that would fix this issue instead of waiting for a firmware update?

Did you check to see if your voice prompts are turned off?

Go into the Vacuum settings, then Do Not Disturb, and check the Turn off voice prompts on/off selector.

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I don’t see a Do Not Disturb option when I go to my Robot Vacuum settings. Only things I see are:

Device Name
Suction Level
Notification (nothing inside here)
Cleaning History
Reset Map

Device Info (nothing in here)
Alexa Support
Wyze Support

This is on an iPhone 8 running iOS 15.1 and Alexa app version 2.26.21

Vacuum Device Info shows:
Device Model: 200S
Firmware Version: 1.6.113
Plugin Version: 1.15.13

Thanks for the additional info.

The Do Not Disturb is in the Beta firmware still… my apologies, I thought this had been released to production. as there are two beta versions post 1.6.113

Back to the power Cycle of the Robot Vacuum…
Did you remove the vacuum from the charging station when you pressed the power button? This is required to power the device off. The device will announce to remove from the charging station when powering off, but, since yours is silent at the moment you would have not received that prompt.

Pull it off the charging station, press and hold power button for three seconds… device will power off.
Wait about 30 seconds, Press and hold he power button, the lights will come on the buttons, white, then orange, eventually will turn white again once connected back to the Network and “fully charged”.

If the power cycle is successful in resolving this issue you should hear the device say “Turning On”. Then return to the charger.

If not, a couple of other options would be to try the Beta App and FW to see if getting the DnD feature resolves a software/firmware issue or contacting Wyze support as the issue may be hardware.


You are a winner. I did NOT have it off the charger when powering it down. I just tried your steps and rebooting the vacuum this way restored my voice prompts. Thank you kindly! I owe you a beer or a bourbon… or both.

Glad you got it! :beers: