Wyze Vacuum Sounds -Ability to lower/disable volume

We need to be able to turn off and lower the volume of the audible voice prompts on the Wyze Robot Vacuum. “Starting to Charge” and other phrases are great but they are so loud that sometimes they wake my 1 year old child. I’m not complaining, I LOVE the vacuum, I am giving a much needed suggestion. I have my Wyze Robot Vacuum clean the main trafficked area of my house at night and I need to be able to disable and lower the volume of the audio.

Thank you and keep making these great products!

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Hi @jr5887
The ability to turn off the prompts already exists in the current app:
Settings (Gear Icon on Vacuum Home screen)/ Do Not Disturb/Turn Off Voice Prompts.

I modified the title of your post and let it stand since you also are requesting the ability to adjust the Volume of the prompts.

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Hello, you may be using some sort of beta version because the do not disturb option inside of the Wyze Robot Vacumm section of the app doesn’t exist.

Are you using Wyze app version v2.21.35?

Edit: The ability to turn off voice prompts is in beta Vacuum firmware 1.6.126. It should be out soon as we’re already testing 1.6.130. :+1:


I figured it was. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!




I’d like the option to disable the Wyze Robot Vacuum’s voice announcements. A few times in the last month we’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by the vacuum announcing that charging has begun. It would be great if that just happened and the robot didn’t yell about it.

During vacuuming, I get all the information I need from the Wyze app’s notifications. I don’t need voice announcements shouting that it’s “starting cleaning” or “returning to charge” then, either.

Hello @rmforsythe and welcome to the community.

What is the firmware you currently are running on your vacuum?

1.6.113. When I go to the Firmware Version screen, it says “Everything’s good, you’re up to date.”

If you go to settings in the Vacuum is there a spot labeled ‘Do Not Disturb’?


I am thinking it is currently in beta then

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earlier in the post @Seapup indicated that the Do Not Disturb setting is in te 1.6.126 FW version.



I am wishing for this feature! When will it be released?

I have 1.6.113. This has got to be a feature - every time the power flickers our vacuum announces to the entire house that it’s charging. Ugh!!!

Any update on when 1.6.126 will be coming out? This has to be added.

I see in June you said the firmware would be updated soon with this feature but it’s December. Any update?


No update yet. Wyze is testing fixes to critical issues found in previous beta release.

I don’t see a do not disturb in the app where you said it was

I checked the current Beta and the current production app and it’s there for me. I am running Beta FW though.