Wyze Vacuum Sounds -Ability to lower/disable volume

How long for an official release? I refuse to use any unofficial beta apps as they usually are unstable. I just got my vacuum yesterday and am strongly considering returning it because of this

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6 months later and still not in an official and stable release isn’t “almost instantly”

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Any update on when this feature will be available? It appears there is little urgency to push out an update

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You can turn off Voice Prompts by Going to Settings for the Vacuum tap on Do Not Disturb (Shown in image below), the turn on “Turn off voice prompts”

Not all of us have that option. We are not beta testers here

Thanks for the image. I will see if I can find out when it will be released

Is there an update on this?

Just now I was prompted to update to 1.202. It has the voice prompt switch, but I haven’t checked if it works