Night vision with LEDS off

Ive been using the new beta with the IR led off option since it was released and I wouldn’t call it a bug as one would think of it, but i did notice as one would assume the huge increase in sensitivity for change due to ANY lights in the frame. even with the sensitivity down i still get bonkers alerts. mainly passing cars, or small reflections in the window I have it in ( as to be expected).

due to the number of people that already have issues with the sensitivity adjustments and claim that even on low the camera is too sensitive right now without this option, might there be a way to turn the sensitivity down even further? I see this being the main complaint when this goes live. could the sensitivity be 3/4 or possibly 1/2 of what it currently is? this is something that could be changed without notice to the majority of users. other than that I love the option and haven’t had any issues thus far.

One would think a sensitivity of zero would produce zero alerts and 100 would trigger on all detected movement. Probably safe to say that’s not what we’re seeing.

Without the onboard IR lights, the camera is probably adjusting aperture for the low light conditions, which would amplify any light. I know in my situation, fighting car headlights is a lost cause. At least without a daytime detection zone and one for headlight time. This was an important reason for asking for profiles.

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very valid point. i read your profile idea and i like that a lot. but like you said, even with sensitivity all the way down, you still pick things up. so the scale isnt perfect 0-100 as it sits currently.

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Yeah, I was campaigning for votes on the profile #roadmap :grin:

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