Night Vision ON or OFF: Which is better for Motion detection?

When trying to get notifications of Person / Pet / Vehicle / Packages / Motion:
Which option is more reliable and accurate? Night Vision ON or OFF?
Thank you!

I think it depends on how much light is available. I have 4 WCO with the night vision set to auto and the IR lights to on because there is not enough ambient light around where they are. I also have three V3 cams and use two of them with night vision off (Color) and one cam with night vision in auto, on at dusk, IR lights on near. I think the detection and notifications are all the same. If you really like notifications you could set your cam with night vision on, IR lights on and notifications for AI events and all other motion on. The flying bugs and spiders love the IR lights. :rofl: :spider: :spider:
This assumes you cameras are outdoors.

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Thank you!
As per your answer I’d conclude that doesn’t matter whether the image is black & white or color; what it matters is the sharpness of the image.

Well this UFO (Spider) wasn’t to sharp because it was right next to the cam lens. :grin:


Your Night Vision is very good. Clear and sharp. I can’t achieve that as one of my cam v2 is behind a window and for that Night Vision IR Lights feature is not recommended. The ambient light there is very poor. Nevertheless, my patio v2 cam is outside and still with the Night Vision IR Lights the image is very poor.
Precisely, my question here was to find out whether to get extra IR lights (cheapest option) or a new set of regular lights (costly), as the existing arrangement in the patio is for aesthetic enhancement only and it’s actually bad for the image quality.
As for the alien spiders (interference) I have next a request for Wyze, but I have to research in the WZ forum before I ask, when the time allows me to do so. In S Florida those flying/bungee jumping objects are really overwhelming!
Thank you for sharing.