Night vision degrading

I also want to add an image to as how bad the image quality is at right now. Can you see the top portion of the image, the driveway is totally washed out, should be some shade of gray as it is ashfalt. Not to mention the licence plate on the red SUV is gone. Also, to the right, all the grass is white, should be green. Should I go on? This is totally agains the Wyze v3 camera selling point of being an amazingly great quality camera. Not to mention a “security camera”.

I have the same issue with some of my V2’s and my single Pan. I have done a little research and have found that the IR emitters have a life limit, and do degrade over time. Depending on how much dark-ops hours are used It appears they can last from 2 to 4 years. My initial 4 V2’s that are going out were put in service about 4 years ago. All are about the same. The 3 V2’s added 3 years ago are better, but are slowly blacking out as well. They still work for daylight, just not darkness.

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I need to invest in an IR intensity meter and do some testing!

For my v3s I’m not using the IR. The nightvision sensor is…was…good enough or better without ir. That is, until they made sw changes and ruined the clarity.


Amen to that!


+1 on all this, Multiple v2’s same issues

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+2 same issue since firmware upgrade.

Anyone willing to bet that it will never get fixed?

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What is the maximum number of months beyond which ‘never’ should reasonably apply? :wink:

Define ‘never.’  Anything over x months? :wink:

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Thanks to @Slabslayer for asserting this condition over at Fix-it-Fridays in August. :clap:

It lost - just barely - to “Plugs don’t do something or other” and hasn’t resurfaced on FiF since.

Maybe should be reasserted on 11/4? :slight_smile:

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Well, in my books never means when the donkeys grow wings and start to fly :rofl:

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Oh, that ‘never.’ :slight_smile:

Good thing you didn’t place a bet :wink:

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@SlabSlayer @habib @mark41212ga @macaroni8 @Known1 Thank you all for reporting this issue. Could you please direct message a few more details of each of your cases? Some snapshots and current IR settings with logs would be great. Thanks in advance!

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The odds are shifting - place your bets! :grin:

sent logs 754479 @WyzeDesmond

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I have set up a side by side V3 test with identical settings for FW Versions,, and

Will post results when completed.

If anyone has FW versions 3.36.8.xx, I would love the opportunity to flash those in to compare the video quality.

Additional background can be acquired from all the threads and posts linked in the FIF post @peepeep provided above.

I am not certain the issue is isolated to only the Color Night Vision and the brightness of the image provided by the starlight sensor. I feel like all recorded video has suffered at the hands of firmware updates wringing out every last drop of video compression to reduce server file size and transmit speed. The proliferation of digital artifacts in the videos today is current evidence of this. I believe all video quality has suffered greatly and it is quite noticable.


I have all three. How do you want to proceed?

I totally agree. However, what I don’t understand is why the live feed video over local network and uSD recordings have degraded as well?