Night Light charging

Night Light want 10. Hypothetical thought. They need charging. I will have to move AC block from light to light every hour and a half. This will take 15 hours to charge them all. This is a poor design. It will be forgotten and only used for one charging so will last 2 cycles. I hope the lights are all mounted close to outlets. I really don’t want to take them down everytime they need to be charged. Why not plug into outlet to begin with. I am thinking about 2 groups of 10. I want life to be simple. I already have to remember my smoke detectors once a year and many other chores why are you designing more into my life.

Looks to me like they charge with USB C. Maybe they work while charging. If so, you could mount it next to an outlet and plug it in. I don’t see an AC adapter in the box, so I guess they assume you have one around. Most of my stuff is C, so they’re all over my house.

I also assume they’ll run their batteries down at different rates based on traffic, unless they’re all linked and illuminate together. Oh…you mentioned 2 groups of 10, so yes…you’d yeah, I guess you’d have 10 that would need charging each time.

Maybe someday everything will be wireless charging throughout the house, but we also won’t get cancer from the 1.21 Gigawatts flowing through our bodies all the time.

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Sounds like you might be better off buying light strips or something