Newest update

after I upgraded to newest update on my ipad this week, I can no longer see what I can best describe as a mini version on what my cameras notifications are about.

whereas I havent upgraded yet on my iphone and can still see my mini view.

whats up?

Newest update of what, the iOS or the iOS app.? My iPad has iOS 15.7 and WYZE app 2.35.0 (13) and it looks just like the screenshot you posted. My iPhone has iOS 16.0.2 and WYZE app 2.35.0 (13) also and the events pictures like your screenshot were all there until about 30 minutes ago. Something with WYZE is out of whack.

**** Edit all events are now showing on both the iPad and the iPhone again. Must have been a glitch in the server someplace.

Phone a few min ago and a few min later. Last is iPad working again.


The “mini” views are called thumbnails btw.
Sounds like it was a server issue, and is now working. If its not for you, try clearing the app cache in account > app settings, then force close the app.

lol definite brainfreeze re: thumbnails

Will clear cache

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I am still having this issue about 20% of the time, thumbnail photos will not load on the events page, iOS app 2.35.0. And when I try to clear the cache from say like 18.1 MB and tap clear it will go to 18.3, clear 18.5 and so on, the more I push clear the higher the number goes? After closing the app a few times I can get things to work normal again. Annoying :face_with_diagonal_mouth: