New " WyzeCam is Currently Charging" Screen?

Is their a way to have the WyzeCam Outdoor 2 show “WyzeCam is currently charging”, so viewer’s will know the WyzeCam is not down?
Thank U!

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Can you provide a bit more detail? This may be a new feature request that needs to be routed to the Wyze #wishlist.

Where\when in the app would you like to have that message appear? In the home screen of the app by the device listing? When live streamed?



When you charge the camera , on the back of it their will be a red led light flashing meaning that it’s being charged .

Also when you open the camera live view on the top right where the battery percentage is it’ll show a lightning bolt meaning it’s charging the battery as well


Interesting idea! Maybe we can change that to a combination of the camera not being available for live view, but is showing charging indications on the Wyze servers?

The reason I say that is because the solar panel can continually power a WOC. In those cases it may show as charging, but it is really up.

Wasserstein also makes an adapter & special 25ft cord that would be in the same boat.

Also, not sure what to do about the cameras that are switched off and charging. Maybe just show a normal offline indication for them?

This does sound like something for the Wishlist, tho. :slight_smile:

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