New Wyze Door Lock failing to update firmware

I installed a Wyze door lock on my front door last week. Everything went fine with the installation and worked so well I bought a second one for my garage door (into the house).
Just got it today, did the installation (including the keypad) and everything functions as it should.
EXCEPT… The app keeps telling me there is an update, but every time I try to update the lock it fails.
I get the below screen.
It keeps telling me to get close to the lock (even at 1 inch it doesn’t work) and to retry.
But it NEVER works.
Mind you, I can use the app to open/close the lock so I know there is communications to the lock.

Anyone have an answer as to how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Just as an extra note… I am using TWO gateways, one for the front door and one for the garage door.
Not sure if THAT is an issue.

Again, thanks for any input you can give.

Might be worth a try removing the one gateway, and maybe even a battery from the other lock, just to make sure nothing is interfering with the update from the other lock and gateway. Just while performing the update, then fire the other ones back up. I only have 1 lock so I’m not sure if that’s the issue or not but it would at least help to rule it out.

SteveBergmann… From the little bread crumbs I’m reading… It appears that the updating of firmware to the lock is done via Bluetooth. Thus the reason the app keeps saying… get close to the lock.

Question I have is, HOW do you know if the app has a BT connection with the lock?

BTW, I had no problem with the first lock and updating the firmware.
Interesting note is that the two Gateways have different firmware versions.
The first one I put up has version
The new one has version
And the first one is NOT showing that it needs a firmware update.

So, I am REALLY confused at this point.

This happened to me with this update 2.1.16 to 2.1.22. I was able to upgrade previously and all other functions of the lock works. Not sure what is wrong with it. I suspect it is a app bug.