New Wyze Cam v3 sporadically not recording events

I installed two v3 cams looking up and down our alley, because we have been having a rash of vandalism & burglaries.
I called them Alley West and Alley East.
I adjusted the settings for both so they are identical.
Alley West is working great. Alley East sporadically does not record any events. Most recently, nothing was recorded when there were three guys walking down the alley at 11:18pm Sat night.
West caught them (from behind). I also have a Nest cam on my garage, which captured them, but not as close as the East camera would have.

I’m attaching several screenshots. You can see that Sunday, there are no events recorded by the East camera. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
This morning it was not recording events, and suddenly began capturing events when I was outside late morning.

I am very puzzled, and wonder if the issue is on the server side.
Any thoughts?

The Nest cam shot:

The East cam, properly capturing events on Friday the 1st:

The East cam, capturing events until the 10pm timeframe on the 1st, and then it stopped:

Here is the West cam capturing the guys, and theoretically the East cam should have had that as well:

Here are the settings, which are identical for both cameras, as well as the detection area for the East camera:

Absolutely no events captured all day Sunday on the East cam:

Did the East cam recently get a Firmware Update? What Firmware version is it running? the West? Have you verified the Event Recording settings and Notification settings for the cam? Is it set to upload All Motion Events or just Smart Detection Events? Have you power cycled the cam?

It’s Wyze’s Server End, overwhelmed servers dropping events, Rather Ignoring events…

Put uSD cards in both cameras set to continuous recording.

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Put uSD cards in both cameras set to continuous recording.
+10 :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is going to sound stupid, but when you open the events tab, try just switching to a different day and then back. Mine has been not pulling in recorded events unless I switch to a different date and come back, for probably a few weeks now. Not even pulling down to refresh the screen, or changing the filters, makes any difference. Switching dates though, that makes the magic happen. lol. It’s always something monumentally stupid with this app.

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I have the same issue:
Today at around 4:20pm pst I was looking at my Wyze Cam v3 Pro live video and saw a person come into the courtyard apt and go to their apt which is next door to me yet no recording shows up in Events while there are some prior and after.

Wyze live screen> Settings icon> Event Recording> All motion Events is set.
Detection Settings> are 100 High Detection Zone is Off

This happens randomly. Is it at the Wyze server end?

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Firmware is the same for both (current).
Verified Event Recording and Notification settings.
Both are set to upload All Motion Events.
Cameras have been power cycled.

East cam stopped recording Events after 4pm Monday, and didn’t resume until 9am today (Tues). :frowning:
West cam recorded Events all that time, without issue…`

I double-checked, and every setting is identical for both cameras.

uSD cards are due on my porch this evening! :muscle:t3: