New Wyze Cam Pan V3 moving by itself?

Just connected a new Wyze cam pan V3 with tilt/pan/zoom

After I hooked it up it is moving by itself.

I have two of these cameras and my other Wyze Cam Pan does not move on its own. I checked the settings to make sure any of these features for it to move by itself is turned off.

Have anyone else experienced this?

In “Live View” check, “Track Motion”. If it’s green then it pans to follow whatever it thinks is moving. Turn it off.


Do you mean in detection settings “motion tagging” ? It’s turned off.
Thank you for your help

I checked live view settings but can’t find the setting you are speaking about

On the live stream page, swipe the control bar to the left:

You’ll then see additional controls that affect auto cam movement such as “Track Motion” referenced by p2788deal:


On the Pan Cam V3 and other cameras, the bottom of the live stream shows icons. That bar is scrollable from left to right and vice versa. Go to the Live Stream on the Pan Cam V3 and make sure this is of by scrolling to it and tapping on itf:


I did not see your post when I posted mine. Guess we were entering it at the same time. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! This helped me and mine was turned on. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.


Thank you for this post! I appreciate the time you took to post it.


No problem! :+1: There are many helpful users on this forum who will jump in to answer questions when they have time. In case you haven’t run across the Wyze Support site, there is also some good info about your cam here: Wyze Cam Pan v3 and Wyze app info here: Wyze App & Account.

That button panel should have an indicator that more buttons are not visible, an arrow for example. Wyze makes this annoying mistake in other UI areas as well. It makes it very difficult for someone who isn’t familiar with the interface; and almost everybody here, was at some point.

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