New Wyze Cam Outdoor

Just Bought My New Outdoor Can Yesterday.
Set up was Easy.
But I’m not Impressed.
It Does Absolutely Nothing, You can Only View live Video, If you see someone Breaking in your House you can Tap Record. But, if you come home and see you were Broken Into, you cannot playback the Video to see who did it.
What the Sence of Scheduled Recording?
How do you know when you’ll be Robbed?
And “Wyze Cam Plus” Does Not Even Work With It so Why Offer It?
What is the Purpose of this Camera?
Now I have a Base for 1 Worthless Camera.

I Do have the V2 and The Pan Cam and they’re Great.

I feel you! That’s why I made this thread to request a V2 Outdoor Cam Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 Ideas

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Does in not record to the SD card or cloud? Why does it have a motion sensor?
If you are getting robbed you should probably get security cameras.:slightly_smiling_face:

sorry to hear that. Are you not getting motion recording ? if so, here is a dedicated post for troubleshooting.

Regarding cam plus ,we are working on it, it is currently in alpha testing stage.