Wyze cam plus

I keep reading people having the new Wyze cam plus, weather it be here or Facebook. Is the Wyze cam plus out? I had to pre order it and also read on Facebook that it won’t be out til October but yet people have it. I’m waiting to the Wyze cam plus outdoor, I read that it was better than the Wyze cam.

what is going on?

Wyze Cam Plus is not a specific device. It is a service available for the Wyze V2 and Pan Cams which provides Complete Motion Capture and Person Detection for existing cams. It is not currently available for the Wyze Outdoor Cam, but I understand it is in the works.
It is a separate entity from the actual Wyze Outdoor Camera. That is already in the hands of some people who ordered on an Early Access purchase program. The ones available for sale now I believe will be shipped around October.
To check it out, visit Wyze.com and click on the Services tab in the Main Menu.


thank you for explaining.

Also if you read here you will find that the Wyze Cam Outdoor is VERY different from the other Wyze cameras and may have significant limitations for your purposes. (I was going to put a list but there are just so many.)

To add to this, I have the trial of cam plus for my WCO. At this time it does provide person tagging, but not complete motion capture.

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I’m also looking a blink. I just want one for my porch, looking the driveway and back yard. but I like the recording with SD card and blink does not have that.

I am looking at getting the WCO but not sure because they don’t record much and the laging. I don’t have crime in my neighborhood which is a plus. But it will be nice to know when your packages are on your porch. I do like the person detection and not just leaves, lol

so the WCO can pick up anything moving? . I have been on you tube and watching review but I like reading from actual users, so thank you. I was thinking of the WCO; but the V2 I heard was better when it comes to motion and person detection; but I’m trying to figure out how to wire it between the door when it’s closed so I can place it viewing my porch

I’m sorry if I mislead you, but no the WCO does not detect “anything moving”.

The way it works is the WCO only starts recording when it’s PIR is triggered ( meaning it detects something move that is a different temperature than the surroundings). After the recording is made the servers looks for any people in the recording and it is flagged for “People” if one is found.

The V2 on the other hand is always “watching” because it doesn’t run on batteries. So it detects the amount of pixels that change from frame to frame to determine if something has moved. For this reason a V2 can detected a person on the other side of a window and WCO cannot.

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well then the v2 for me it is. I’ll just have to get a larger usb cable to run along my door trim to be able to hang on my porch


I have these and they work well. There are many sizes and brands available.
Definitely second the V2 recommendation for what it seems your needs are.

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Hello ygomez0721
From your description, I think you want to place the camera between two doors. The inner door to the house and the outer door to the porch. The camera to be looking through the screen or glass outer door.
If this is what you are looking for, maybe placing a small sheet-metal Rt-Angle shelf at eye-level or higher on the inner door frame to support the camera. This small support shelf probably be mounted on the hinge side of the door frame.
The power cord could be routed over the top corner of the inner door, down the door frame molding to the wall molding and then across the wall to the nearest power outlet. Some relief for the power cord may need to cut or chiseled.
Good luck, Victor Maletic.