last night i had an attempted robbery at my house, a man came to my front door and started kicking the door. i have a cam pan sitting inside my house facing out the front window and the guy walked right by it. OF course this piece of junk says no video at selected time or whatever it says. i pulled out the sim card and placed it into my laptop and it shows pictures around the selected time but no video, if it has pictures would it have video hidden somewhere on this? i did notice the time is not correct as far as the pictures go. Please help. Also, im done with Wyze and these non reliable cameras, is there a reliable camera anyone can point me to?

Sounds like a very unpleasant experience!

If you had continuous recording turned on, the videos should be in the /record folder.

There should be sub-folders for each day and for each hour. The videos will be one minute long MP4 files within each hour folder.

None of these are hidden files. The one minute clips can easily be combined using a free tool like this one - MP4Tools - Home

I believe that the still pictures are thumbnails for the 12sec event videos stored in the Wyze cloud.

I hope you get it resolved!


A lot of people are having a similar issue here:

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Unfortunately I’ve had more and more of those missing clip or video not uploaded to the cloud issues as well. This why Wyze specifically states that these are not security cameras. For reliability a real security camera needs a hardwired poe connection with a nvr recording system. Ideally 4k. Amcrest and reolink have some good options.


Thank you I’ll give them a try