New Wifi set up issues

My 2013 Verizon Cantina is on the fritz, so I brought home one of the new Verizon WiFi jetpack things. So far, my Honeywell has accepted the new WiFi just fine.

The Wyze cameras (I have a Cam and a Pan) are struggling. I get as far as scanning the QR code, and the MiFi will register the camera, but the app times out before completing the set up process. The Mifi is right next to the camera, and my phone is connected to it during set up. Please help!

What gives?

Not familiar with MiFi, but make sure you’re connecting to its 2.4Ghz network

@SwisMisElf Welcome to the community. Have you tried uninstalling the Wyze app, restart your device, and reinstall the Wyze app?

Even though your smartphone is right next to the MiFi, it is probably connected to a 5GHz channel being transmitted from the MiFi. In order to set up the Wyzecam, the iPhone needs to be connected to a 2.4GHz channel (since the Wyzecam only supports 2.4GHz radio).