New vacuum - seems lost in space

Just got my new vacuum today and was very excited. Opened it up and all looked good. However, it does not seem to be working well. I added the device and updated the firmware. It quickly mapped my walls, including closets with closed doors. It then did a good job of searching the perimeter. A few observations: It’s not too smart and very aggressive. It continued to fight to get into a tight corner, tried to repeatedly climb my ironing board legs, repeatedly move it’s charging station and ultimately pushed into a corner and then could no longer park it the charger. it pushed shoes around and a floor planter. It did navigate nicely between hardwood and area rigs. Also walked up a baseboard at an angle several times. They sweeping broom was knocked off on tow occasions (one was a bathrobe belt and the other was a on a boot tray).
The vacuum spent an inordinate amount of time in tow ends of the room, repeatedly navigating the area. It never actually cleaned the larger areas of the room in the center. It did however claim that it was done. This was ~30 minutes.
I charged it further and then directed it to clean. This time it spent along one wall just moving around the charger and the Wyze shipping box that was set a corner. After 1 minute it again declared that it was completed but missed 99% of the room.
I again charged the unit and reset the room mapping (cleared). This time the unit mapped for a few minutes and stayed near it;s charger and drifted around presumably vacuuming. After 7 minutes it declared that it was completed.
This operates like a Gen 1 prototype that has yet to solve LIDAR, sensing and mapping. I think the vacuum function may work OK, but hard to tell. I will charge overnight and try it again tomorrow. Not sure that my wife will trade in our Dyson if this doesn’t get it’s act together.