Vacuum stops short of wall

Hello, my new vacuum stopped short of this entire wall, spanning two rooms. It did run out of juice before completing its task of mapping, so maybe my impatience is to blame.
Can someone tell me if this is normal. If not, is there a solution?

That same thing happened when my vacuum ran the first time. It stopped short of the walls in a number of my rooms, but then it went back and finished. Not sure why it does that, but it should map the rest out ok. :smiley:

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It’s doing it now! Thanks.

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We couldn’t be happier, we own a Eufy Robovac G30 that has a hard time finding charger or attacks our dogs bowl or doesn’t finish, it says it’s finished but sometimes just stays on charge, it is smaller and goes under things higher than 3". Our Wyzevac always finishes and charges faster one thing if chairs or beds have skirting the Lidar won’t let it plow under, my wife says to just lift the skirts… :rofl: