New user issues

Am I able to add the camera and motion sensor devices to my own account, instead of my husband sharing his camera and device? That way I can change and edit settings?

If you reinstall the cameras to another account, they will disappear from the previous account. If you share a camera from one account to another, the user with the shared access will have access to liveview and a few other things, but not playback. Both account share the same notification settings offered in the app. Me and my wife share one main account so she has access to playback and when I add or change things around it will be the same for her ( I’ve forgotten to share things with her for a long time oops).


Thank you! U saved me a huge argument with the hubby lol if I would of deleted his camera by adding it to my account, he would of not heen happy after setting everything up already!! Also I already voted before I replied to u the first time! Thanks for your help!

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I wanted to get back with u about the separate settings per account. I was able to set my notifications separately from my husband! Thankfully!!If u make a “rule” or “short cut” or trigger ur devices all those notifications will be on ur own separate account, I even set up my husbands Different than mine, he seems to want non stop notifications, where myself only needs them when I’m gone or asleep. But it also gives u an option to use universal so those settings can be used on all shared accounts! I was also able to review all video playbacks from my personal settings, but not his. But he could view all mine cuz hes the acct "owner"We just got our cam n sense today so maybe its a new updated version!