New Router

I replaced a Netgear R6400 with a new TP-Link AX1800 router and now none of my 15 or so cameras will connect anymore. Unplugged and plugged back in
The old router was The new is I tried changing the .0.1 to .1.1 but nothing. Any tips? I really don’t want to have to set all of these cameras up again.

Edit: My cameras use RSTP


It’s more important to make sure the SSID (wireless network name) and password / key and encryption (WPA-PSK for example) are exactly the same as those of the old router. That should be enough, but changing the router’s subnet, as you have, is good too.

I would go to the advanced settings page and select RTSP then regenerate the URL. That resulting new URL will need to be used in place of the existing one.

Thanks. Everything is the same as the old router with the exception of the IP. Changing the router IP to 1.1 was no help

I had forgotten that step about regenerating the URL. But I have not even gotten to the point where I can do that as yet

To be clearer, it’s not just that the router needs to be on that IP subnet but that it needs to be giving out DHCP addresses on that subnet. With home routers those usually go hand in hand.

Not familiar with Wyze’s RTSP implementation but can he or she guess (or scan for) the camera IPs and browse to them?

Remember your network also has to be 2.4ghz, not 5ghz or the wyze stuff won’t work on it.

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Yes, It is. Thanks

Yes, they are. I like to assign static IPs to all that I can. Seems much cleaner that way and easier to find if needed

The RTSP regenerated themselves, but I did a manual anyway

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I wound up redoing all of them. It was fairly straight forward. Just pushed the button on the bottom (even if the Cam was already plugged in) and all zipped right along. Only took about 2-3 min each not counting the *^$#() #9@ amount of time to get to them :astonished:

Thanks to all

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Err, so if the cameras all still have their assigned static IPs, what’s the problem? To what are they supposed to connect? Just your phone, or a local media server / DVR / etc.? If the phone, can you confirm that the phone is still receiving an IP address on the same local subnet as the cameras? On a PC you can assign a static address and try to ping the cameras.

Also, Emperor3’s point is huge.

Edit: and never mind, glad you got it working