New Pan Cam V3 Mounting

I had a V3 cam in the back and had a long power wire. The wire that came with the Pan Cam is a right angle and short. I drilled a hole in the top of the mount and attached it. A hole to allow this option would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately this will void the warranty should your cam experience water intrusion.

The reason for the new plug design is to make the cam outdoor rated. Circumventing that design no longer makes it outdoor rated.

The 90° plug is specifically designed to seal within the cam plug well to weatherproof it against any water intrusion. Using any other plug will not provide that seal. Further, the mount protects the base of the cam from direct access by moisture.

Drilling a hole in the mount has now given any moisture that forms on the top of the mount direct access straight down the cord into the unprotected plug well.