New Motion sensor and magnetic mounting

Nice explanation on how to do it

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this was a great DIY explanation!!! hopefully others can use that or get ideas from it! this is the kind of community we like here.

Looks to me like this would work perfect for an angle Mount for a motion sensor

Here is my new indoor motion sensor mount that is “Asthetically Acceptable” as per the self proclaimed “New House Asthetics police” … “no object shall be bla, bla bla…” Works really well and can move and holds position. I’m thinking of a glue or epoxy other than super glue that would “lock it in place” for outdoor use. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Did you make that or buy it, how does it work?

Looks like 2 ziptie bases ziped together with hot glue between them

yes on the zip tie bases, no on the hot glue, two rubber bands, two 3/4" bases and a 10 mm bead. beta test is very promising…


Hello everlith
Nice implementation of a ball joint mount.
I would try crazy glue to lock the ball in place.
Try small spots only spaced out at intervals. If it works you are done, if it does not work, try a different type glue.

Doesn’t hold well over time and weather, I was thinking something cheap and simple to apply like silicon, JB weld or marine sealant that’s paint-able for outdoors to make it more resilient and aesthetically acceptable. Not really concerned about the investment @ $ .83 ea have material for 49 more and 50 extra beads… maybe hot glue? might melt the bands?
Parts Links: Total Retail $41.46 + tax and shipping from amazon makes 50 mounts w/ 50 beads leftover. $ .83 ea.

Round Acrylic Plastic Beads 10 mm

3/4"Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts

Size 33 - White Rubberbands

3M Command Large Refill Strips, White

Use some 2 part 5 minute epoxy it will fill gaps some unlike super glue that won’t.
Squirt some in a bottle cap, break off the cotton from a cotton swab to mix it up and apply it with.
it will hold, You have to work quickly but that’s why you only mix up a little bit at a time

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I really like your design. It is simple and elegant. The design also got me thinking, would there be any downside to simply taking a slightly shorter flat piece of PVC and adding single a 30 degree bend?

The motion sensors are amazingly lightweight which makes me wonder whether the upper mount point is necessary. Worst case, a second hole could be cut into the lower mount location for added support. This would greatly simplify the build process for those of us who might be less creatively inclined. Thoughts?

Hello daphatty.
Your idea of a simple bent strip will work. For best holding force place two screws side by side a little below the bend. I would also make the wall contact tab longer than the sensor tab to provide more resistance to a prying force.
I myself prefer a closed configuration. The open tab design is certainly easier to build.
Victor Maletic.

just another option links in the description to print or buy


Victor, a thought… Wouldn’t a simple ball mount give you pretty much unlimited adjustment?

I didn’t see a place to order these however I Like It where do I need to go to buy 1 or 2 from You & what’s the cost? Thank You Gary

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there is a link in the description of the video. however here it is as well.