New iOS interface

A version or two ago the new interface on my phone kicked in. I am on 2.0.8. I see what you are trying to do but this interface is not intuitive (if coming from an old version). I think it could be streamlined and tidied up a bit. One big issue is if I add the star widget things for certain actions I have no way of knowing if the feature associated with that shortcut is activated or not. For instance if I have Motion On and a Motion Off shortcuts. I have know way of knowing the current status, is it on or is it off. Perhaps color coding would work, green if that feature is activated, red if it is not. Just a thought.

The shortcuts are an example of the lack of clarity. I am sitting here messing with it as I type this comment and for the life of me I can not find where to add, delete or edit one of my shortcuts. Where the crap is it.

You are trying to address user requests and add functions and functionality but it is not clear at all. To you guys who mess with this all day every day it is not big deal. To the user who may go in once a week and play around with the app it is not clear at all. Just trying to provide useful feedback, not being critical of your great product. Perhaps get some newbies in the office, have them set it up and mess with the interface and observe what they go through and the questions that arise.

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Thanks for the feedback, we got similar feedback and will figure out how we can improve this on the next release. I think status indicator is good suggestion.


You need to work on HCI centered design. Some focus group study would help. I am working in HCI area. Follow ISO9241-210 methodology.

@WyzeJeff - This is right up your alley