New firmware update fried V3 Pro

Absolutely love that the new firmware update has fried my less than a year old V3 Pro camera :roll_eyes: and I’m now fighting for a replacement. There is no fixing it and I’ve spent hours trying everything you could think of. Users beware.

Even better after promising a replacement, they’re now going back and refusing. After being a Wyze customer for close to 8 years I cannot believe how terrible the customer service is and the fact they won’t stand by their products or promises.

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It is unfortunate that any user should have to experience this. There are users who have reported that same experience in the thread linked below. It has also been reported that Flashing the Firmware can bring the cam back online.

How can you update when the cam does not connect to wifi?? I am not a tech person, thought I was paying for tech expertise when I purchased 10 cameras. If anyone can provide a layman version on flashing my now worthless V3 and V3 pro cameras, Please help!

Read this entire post for v3 Pro. And make sure you use an Empty 32GB or smaller SD card. in FAT32

Firmware may be found here. I used .4679 yesterday. I did not do the step of a factory reset either. I just put i the card with the firmware on it, held down setup button, plugged in and was done is a few minutes. Removed the SD card after the cam cam back online.
**NOTE: ** For the V3 cameras you have to rename the file as per directions for the V3 Here.

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Not so lucky if it’s the regular V3. No older versions available.