New feature request: Timelapse from Playback

We can record from playback (history) at full frame rate, but can’t record timelapse. That feature is only restricted to the live video. Would be great to have that in playback as well.

Also, having a more granular timelapse (< 3 sec interval) would be great.

That would likely require more horsepower to do on the camera. Suggest copying the video files to a PC and use video editing software to create the desired time lapse.


I do this as much as using the time-lapse function of the cameras. The pros are that I can choose my speed that I want to speed up the video, as I don’t then have to get the time lapse guessing right. And I don’t always remember to set a time-lapse before hand and choose to look back on footage for stuff that would be a good time lapse.

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