New Detection Modes

Great, so adding new useless detections seems to be more important than updating the firmware to where you dont have to go through the whole process of adding a cam if you want to switch networks, or switch from the beta app, I suppose I should be grateful that they didn’t add a jesus on a cross detection for Christmas.

You don’t have to go through any form of setup to enter or leave the beta (firmware or app).
Why do you think that you need to?

if I uninstall the beta firmware, then I have to redo the camera setup to add them back to the app and network?

Nope. Just opt out of beta for whatever product line you want. To do that, in the app, go to Account > About > Beta Program. That will list whatever products that you are beta testing. Select Edit and uncheck the product lines you want to remove from beta testing. Select Save at the bottom.
Generally there is no need to do anything further. Next time there is a production firmware update, you can at your option do that update. I don’t think it will automatically downgrade to the latest production, but if you REALLY want to have the production version, you can do a uSD card firmware load, but even that does not require re-setting up the camera in the app.

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