Beta App/Firmware 6/18

After updates, the detection zone box is completely missing.

Also. Most cameras stuck at “Getting video data (3/3) and then “Connection failure”


So my latest app is 2.12.3 and my detection boxes are there…just fyi

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Can you confirm the app and firmware version numbers you’re running?

2.12.3 for app firmware

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Thank you very much! Would you mind sending us in logs for that device and let me know the number so I can pass that information to the developers?

New issue. When trying to access settings on a camera remotely from another location the current settings do not load, just a spinning gear.

This works fine when on the local network.

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Even on the local network - I can’t access most camera settings on the new app update/new firmware.

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Same here. Already sent in logs + FW + app version a couple days back. No word ok this.

Also today I noticed I can’t add devices when creating a new device group. Thy stay grayed out.

Has anyone noticed the sound detection is much more sensitive with the new firmware? I have on both V2 and Pan cam in the past had sound sensitivity about 50 but with the latest FW have gotten many more sound detections so started turning the sensitivity down. They are now at 1 and still getting so many nuisance detections that I have had to turn off detecting sound. Any solution or need to go back to previous FW?

Not sure what happened? Haven’t restarted or updated anything but the sound events stopped. I have been able to turn up the sound sensitivity back to 50% and working as expected?