New Detection Grid Glitchy For You?

Hey Yawl. First post on here, and I hope it won’t be a constant, “I gotta go back on the forums to fix this issue”, type of thing… But, these cams have been a bit finicky. I don’t know whether to blame it on my network, or if everyone is having issues across the board. All in all though, I’m pretty happy for the cost. Excited for V3. On to the point. The new detection grid. I find that it does absolutely nothing. I set it up, and keep the trees, and grasses that are blowing in the wind out of the zone, and I still get notifications, constantly, all night, and all day, Is anyone having success with it? Am I doing this right? lol… I’m using it as if the shaded areas are the “Non zone”, and the areas that look normal are in the “Zone”. I’m excited for this to work, because it will cut my notifications by 90%. Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

The new grid doesn’t work at all for me either. Wyze is aware but are treating it as a minor issue and not responding to user inquiries. A manual firmware flash downgrade seems to be the only answer but for most of us that involves climbing ladders and removing cams from cases.

“Wyze - if it ain’t broke, we’ll fix it.”

The grid pattern was only available with a firmware upgrade, that firmware upgrade has been pulled back and isn’t available now because of issues.
You can wait for a new firmware upgrade to fix the issues , or like said, you can do A manual firmware flash downgrade

I’m having issues with night notifications. If my motion light turns on, nothing. If my lamp turns off, nothing. Itsas if it doesn’t work at all anymore. And I logged a ticket but no one replies. I’m shocked at the difference in service.

Having the same issue with my V2. Even if I block certain areas on the grid…motion is still detected from those blocked areas.
I guess the detection grid needs a bit of tweaking to make it useful.
I like the concept…it’s the execution that is not quite there yet.
It would also be nice if they could double the grid boxes (make them smaller). It’s hard to block areas I don’t want while leaving areas that I do want detection on.