New camera and new credit card

I got my new 3rd camera running but i saw instructions on how to change cc info but was unable to locate the spots mentioned. So i need to update credit card asap.
Is there a way online?

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Log into

Click Access My Wyze and Log In

In the top left, click the two bars and click Account

At the top, where it says Services, click that to drop down the menu and select Payment

Where you see your Credit Card, click Edit.

Thank you. I just discovered this website snd working my way through all the different emails and passwords needed for all of your sites.
I’m glad I’ll be able to correct my info.
Thanks so much!

You should only need the one email address and password to access any of the Wyze Websites. The same as the one you use to log into your App.

Also, I’m not a Wyze Employee. I am a Wyze Customer just like you. I am one of The Community Volunteers here in the Forum that lends a hand when I can.

Feel free to browse around all the Forum categories and topics and reach out with questions whenever you have them.

Good luck!

I’m ready to scream or cry. Each one says that email is already in use so now I have four. When I finally get in it says I have no service. It’s s new email I just made.

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You only need one Wyze Account. You only need one email address for that Wyze account. It is the same email address you used when you purchased the cam. It is the same email address you used when logging into the App.

When you purchased the cams, they sent you an email receipt. That is your login email.

Did you purchase a subscription when you purchased your Cam? How did you purchase it? Thru Wyze Website, Amazon, box store? In your Account tab in the app, under services, is anything showing?

As I’ve mentioned in the past I am being hacked by vicious neighbours and I now believe they were the ones who showed the “this email has been used” messages. They are able to broadcast to me fake error messages. I get all sorts from them claiming there is not enough room to upload files when I just have to hit try again. Or this file is not available. Etc etc. They have a whole library of fake messages. Not just prefab fake windows messages but customized.
So yes I could log in with my real email and updated my credit card info and updated the 3rd camera and all is well. They keep hoodwinking me but I prevail. But I would not have recognized their interference without your advise about not needing more than one email.
Thank you so much SlabSlayer. You slayed them.
Best regards

FYI I got ‘this email has been used’ messages and couldn’t proceed until I created a new email on every Wyze site. Then they threw interference with my getting 2 factor authentication by sending me many fake international phone calls to block codes via sms, timing out codes sent by email although I was quick, sending invalid code messages etc. They really didn’t want me to set up my account smoothly. They don’t like me recording various evidence. It was head to head combat. These cameras that are affordable are a Godsent.
Merry Christmas

Your first priority is to determine how your neighbors are hacking you - and prevent it from happening. This goes far beyond your Wyze account.

Again, you do not need a “New” email on every Wyze Site.

One account, one email. Every Wyze login page, to include the App, uses the exact same email username and password.

If you have created multiple accounts under multiple emails addresses, there is no telling which one has your subscription. Check your email for the receipt sent with the subscription purchase. That is the only email you need to use.

As @K6CCC has already indicated, you have more serious issues that need to be addressed and resolved beyond your Wyze Account.

From your Wyze Account perspective, make sure to enable and use 2FA. Make sure your App and your Firmware are up to date. Any account security concerns need to be forwarded to

I was just blown away to find all my videos have no sound when played! I need sound to help prove my case to police.

Do you have “Record Sound” on the Advanced Settings screen turned on?