New cam says "connection failed, please rescan qr code" 2s after scanning barcode

new cam (no idea if v1 or v2, but bought from a few weeks ago).

Have connected many Wyze cams in the past without issue.

Have tried resetting the router and the cam

No problems connecting to the router with any other device (phones, laptops etc).

about 2s after scanning the QR code, the cam always says “connection failed, please rescan qr code” out loud.

If I deliberately enter the wrong password, it gives a different error, so its not the password.

Its 2.4GHz wifi.

I am 100% sure the SSID and password are correct.

Have tried setting it up from an ipad and also an iphone. Same result.

The cam seems to be defective. Anyone else have this issue?

Are you close enough to your router to have a strong signal? That sounds like what it’s telling you.
You can try a Factory reset - How to Factory Reset a Camera.
Failing that you can Open a Support Request. They will probably replace it.
Faster option might be the return to Amazon. They are usually fast and very good about returns.
Let us know!

Is there an SD card in the slot? If so, try removing it.

Be sure and double check your SSID and password. They are case sensitive. When I entered my SSID it defaulted to a capitalized first letter. Mine is lower case. This gave me an issue similar to yours.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it has a full strength signal (2m away, in same room). Tried factory reset. Contacted support, they had no suggests over what I always tried, unfortunately.