New App Design

Really like the new app design and layout. Possibly could use dark theme although not sure how video playback would look with night vision and dark theme enabled. Already signed up for the new emegency alerting.


I also like the new app design! I would like dark mode on the app as well.

A dark mode that gets rid if the almost unreadable pale green on a white background would be nice. A color change has been repeatedly requested and ignored for several years. So don’t hold your breath…

Vote for it on the #wishlist.

Could someone with a few minutes on their hands post a few screenshots of the new design and layout? :slight_smile:

Re dark mode, @AustinByr in this thread is worth reading:

For those not familiar with this feature, here’s a way to see all his posts in the topic chunked together:


Whoops. This was meant to be a general post to the topic, not specifically responding to Briepage.

I would love to but I’m not sure if Wyze would be too happy if I put up pictures of the Beta app before it was supposed to be released to everyone. So I am deciding not to do it. If you would like to see pictures of the new app design become a beta tester and download the beta app.

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Hi jls4. The chances of that are practically nil. :slight_smile:

But I get your point, you’re under no obligation to do so, 'twas just a request.

@Loki or any other mods or mavens orbiting around, what say you about jls4’s caution in this?


Here you go:

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Thanks Brady! :+1:

What happens in beta stays in beta. Beta participants agree not to disclose outside of beta and risk being permanently kicked out of all future beta if they violate that.

Please don’t solicit people to violate their beta agreement.


Thanks for the confirmation.

The new design is much improved. It’s a whole lot cleaner and neater, however, I’d like to see some more improvements:

  • Fix the spacing of the shortcuts the top (they need to move down)
  • Match the “ON” button’s blue hue to the shortcuts
  • Simplify the bottom navigation bar
  • Move the “Shop” and “Discover” tabs to the overflow menu
  • Consider supporting swipes to switch between tabs (Device<>Events<>Settings)

I’ve attached the current design (left) and proposed minor improvement (right).