App in need of serious redesign - Yes or No?

@milehiguy Specifically for a tablet, I will look into what that would require technically. I know a phone landscape mode would be very difficult for the same reasons that a dark mode would be difficult- the app was built very quickly without any components. So an update would require a 100% redevelopment.

But it might be possible for us to make a mode that would add margins to the side during a landscape mode. I will inquire about this.

We had planned a 3.0 app and would probably be well on our way through it by now if the virus didn’t hit. So the 3.0 rebuild was pushed to 2021 while we secure our planned Series B funding. Very possible it would simply be an alternative though, rather than a replacement, similar to SmartThings. In the meantime, the existing app will see some massive changes.