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Person detection is is not capturing after the May 2020 update will send 2 u asFEEDBACK.

If you’re reading a topic and you want to respond to a comment, but what you have to say is so off-topic that it might divert the thread, there’s a forum Reply feature that addresses this.

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  2. Message box opens
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  4. Select New Message from the drop-down menu that appears
  5. Add any other users you want to include in the Private Message
  6. Title the message
  7. Compose the message as usual. Hint: Highlighting text and hitting Quote (appears above the highlighted text) inserts the quote into the Message.
  8. When done, click Message to send


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Doesn’t play om Chrome in a Chromebook either.

Discourse, the software upon which this forum is based, changed something.

When a stock emoji is placed on a line by itself, it’s bigger:


Than when it appears on a line with text. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely by design, not a bug. I found confirmation on their site while looking up something else.


If you want it to be on a separate line but not all BIG:



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How to I pm Gwendolyn who is the only person who has helped fix customer problems. I have to weigh-in with the those who continue to get no response from customer support.

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Click on her icon picture and then click on the blue Message button in the upper right corner of the window that pops up


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Hello, oh Wyze Gwendolyn !
I’m sure you are being bombarded with questions at the moment. The impending announcement has created a bigger buzz than “Murder Hornets” ! Will there be a chance for the early access for Wyze users that have been in the program for a long time, or is it going to be a feeding frenzy like never seen since the band and scale? Needless to say I am anxiously awaiting the outdoor camera.
Thanks for all you do for us, and even those complainers in the forum !

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Everything is wonderful!

I love that there’s a forum but every time I click on and read any thread then hit the back button it takes me back to the Help & Feedback page and I have to do my search all over again and it’s SO FRUSTRATING!!!


Unfortunately, when you look at the forum from within the Wyze app, not all normal browser functions are available. I’d suggest setting a bookmark in your browser to This will let you read the forum with full browser functionality.


Create a separate forum category for “Outdoor Camera”? All other posts are getting lost in the WCO weeds. My $0.02 …

I really want to like WYZE despite my stron worded critical messages. But today WYZE overdid itself.
Got the annousement about the Outdoor Cam. I ordered it on the spot without critical review.
I spent 15 minutes reviewing the available information and promptly canceled the order which still was “in processing”. There was no CANCEL order option on the order or listof orders pages si I had to jump thru hoops to accomplish at least sending the cancelation message to Wyze on their own website.
An hour+ later I received the order confirmation so I replied to sender store … - and shortly I received the message that is not monitored and instructed to write to So I wrote to, and shortly received the message that the email is not monitored, with new direction to write to the website.
Really? WYZE ?
Anyway the Outdoor CAM is poorly designed and clearly not for serious users. If you want to spend life monitoring and changing batteries and being monetized by Wyze.
Unfortunately Wyze will follow the money and charge us for nothing. Any product that requires internet connection and is incapable of providing its full capabilities locally is useless.
As to the Outdoor Camera - mounting on manget - have you ever heard about squirrels or birds or thiefs that simply steal the unattached camera. I am sure you designed it that way so the thief does not damage the house when stolen. The lack of weather sealed reliable constant power supply is disqualifying. Cannot even connect the solar cell properly. And requirement to push buttons at any time after initial startup is also disqualifying. You instited on proprietary protocols - make the devices reboot and restart if they lose connecting with the mothership.
We are not here to be monetized and we are not here to hack and spend out lives changing batteries.