New App 2.34 - Always Requesting Upgrade

Updated the iOS app to 2.34 when it released.

Now, every time I start the app, I get :
“The latest version of the Wyze app is required to view one or more of your devices. Please update your Wyze app.”

AKAIK, is the latest one.
Lousy coding again?!?


That was a bug in the beta, and it was reported by multiple people. A little surprised that it made it into the production release…

Well, if you consider that I got it from the App Store (iOS), it seems either they published the Beta version or they forgot to remove the code.

As I said, some lousy coding again - not to be picky but I haven’t gotten over the Doorbell fiasco yet, especially since it hasn’t been fixed.

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Have you reported this in the App release thread that Wyze is monitoring for feedback?

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Not yet. Thanks for pointing.
Heading there…


I have the latest version of the app and STILL getting this dumb prompt. Points to sloppy quality management, makes you wonder what protection is in place for sensitive items such as passowrds, credit card info etc.

Come on Wyze, not doing a test of your software before releasing it is pretty darned basic, especially for something as in-your-face-obvious as this (irritating) error, which pops up every single time you open the app… SHows you never tested it before posting. Amateur hour.

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Same issue here. It gets annoying seeing it every time I open the app. Wyze doing what it does best. Sending out updates that ran in beta for a minimal time then release it to everyone. SMH​:thinking::roll_eyes:

Update: this problem seems to be specific to the iPad, not the iPhone. Multi-platform testing issue.

Nope. Happening on my *&^%$#@ iPhone 8 running iOS 15.6.1 and Wyze app version 2.34.0 (b12) - I don’t have an Apple tablet.


Beats me. On iPhone 10 it doesn’t pop up. Can’t really blame Wyze if it’s product-specific: sounds like it must be an OS/product item. Warning pops up on iPad Pro Gen3…

They really need to completely overhaul the app, it’s not had a major overhaul and suffers from them having stuffed new items under an existing menu structrure. As a result it’s become unintuitive and cumbersone with a myriad of menus and submenus.

And their HORRIBLE color choice - damn near unreadable…

Same here. Running the latest iOS beta on an iPhone 13 Plus Max. The Wyze app from the App Store and the Wyze beta app are both giving me the same message. Believe they are both the same build number as well.

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Wyze addressed the Update pop-up bug over in the app release topic:

Yep, getting same message on iOS 15.6.1, iPad OS 15.6.1 and when running on M1 Studio Mac OS 12.5.1.
Would agree with others this is another example of poor quality control for software releases; the doorbell issues, v1 camera bricking, etc. Wyze needs to slow down releases and improve stability prior to releasing from beta.

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I get the same thing on all of my iOS devices. All updated to the latest iOS, all running latest Wyze app. Still getting it as of this morning (8/31/22).

And I agree - Wyze needs to just halt putting new devices out and fix what they’ve got. Very poor quality control


I have the iPhone 10R. I am getting that *&^$# pop up as well. I am also seeing my cameras freeze whenever accessed. Its useless to have a frozen camera if you are trying to use them as a security measure. Mainly my doorbell does this. Now tell me Wyze, how can you see whos at the door if the camera is frozen? STABILITY Please!!!

Every time I open the app on my iPhone, it says app update required ever though there is no new update. I have v2.34.0 (15).

Yea this is a known issue and a hotfix is coming soon.

Did you read my post above?


I’m not used to Wyze being responsive to bugs or feature requests… so no, I didn’t ready your message amongst all the others.