Wyze App Update Now is not working on IOS 15.6.1

The Wyze App updated four days ago is in a continuous loop and keeps asking me to update now! I am running IOS 15.6.1 apple iphone 11pro max. I performed the update and it seemed to work and my wyze app is showing version 2.34.0(15). Is this another Wyze IOS bug and what can be done to fix it?

yes, it is. On both my iPhone and my iPad.

This has been discussed in detail for the past week or so. This is a bug that was reported during the last beta, and managed to get into the production release. Click “Later” and ignore it.
It’s only affecting iOS devices.

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Thank you K6CCC, your insight was excellent! If the “update now” loop bug was in the beta version and was allowed to find it’s way in the released version is disappointing, WA6JKN

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