Never received item and can't contact support

I was charged for my items + the outdoor cam package, which I meant to buy…

But when the package arrived it was with just the other 3 items,

I tried to contact support… but they told me the payment didn’t go through, I tried to respond telling them that my bank account took out the full amount and that they must of messed up. My account statement showed the full value removed and nothing refunded.

Support never messaged back. I feel like I am being ripped off, I just want my item or a refund…

Hello @ashblack042 and welcome to the community.

Did they give you a support ticket number and I can see if I can get some attention to it.

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At least you got a partial order.i just found out my order was cancelled with no notification so i been waiting for it’s not worth it to reorder because the stock is already i see it didn’t happen to Just me so great business guys

Any updates on this yet?

I apologize, somehow this fell through the cracks of things I had to follow up on, I will see if I can get this pushed up the ladder somehow and get a response.


Thanks! I’ll get this to the team. We apologize for the delay.

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I’m told that there was a reply on Sunday but we haven’t heard back. That was after you posted, though. Thanks for your patience!

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Hey, yeah i have received a message saying it should be refunded within 5-7 days. It was going to be a Christmas gift, so idk i might try tl purchase thr outdoor camera again.

Thank you for letting us know