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My wyze cams won’t connect to my netgear wireless router. They all worked on previous wifi. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

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Did you just get this Netgear router ? If you did change the ssid and password to the old one that your cameras were connected to and they should automatically connect to it

If the devices still don’t connect , contact Netgear support and they should help you out .

I had similar issues a few weeks again where I turned off the main breaker to my house bc of some electrical work I was doing and when I cut the power back on the router got messed up and my WiFi was acting up for 2 days and my cameras didn’t wanna connect to the WiFi

I contacted support and they made me do a factory reset and all of that and it reset the ssid and password to the original one that came when I first set it up and I changed it back to the same ssid and password I had set it to and that fixed it

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Thanks for the response. Cameras were and still are on a seperate Wifi network. Will call Netgear and see if they can help.

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Are you using the same SSID and Password?

Is it configured to IPV6 or WPA3?

Is it dual band configured with smart switching on the same SSID or seperate SSID networks?

The cameras are on another wifi network. When I try to connect to the netgear wifi, it fails. I have 6 other devices connected but can’t get the cameras to work. I’m using the split 2.4 and 5ghtz band. The cameras run on 2.4. I have tried to get my phone to see the 2.4 band. It can see it but it can’t connect either.

The other 2.4GHz network must be shut down completely in order for the cams to be able to log into the new 2.4GHz Network.

Using a “Split” router would require a unique SSID and Password for each of the two bands. You essentially have two seperate networks with two seperate login credentials.

Using a single “combined” router network with smart switching allows for both bands on the same SSID and Password and allows the devices with dual band capability and the router to decide which band to use based on best connectivity.

In order for you to have the cams log into and use the new 2.4GHz band on the Netgear, without going thru a total reinstall of every cam, it must have the same SSID and Password as the old 2.4GHz network, cannot use WPA3 or IPV-6. Make sure there aren’t any leading spaces or trailing spaces in the SSID or Password you entered into the router config to set the network.

If you have a different SSID and Password on the new Netgear 2.4GHz band, you don’t have to delete the cams from the app, but you will need to run a new setup on each cam to supply it with the new network credentials.

I have 9 or 10 cameras. I have installed them onto several networks numerous times and have no problem with the setup process. Several of them are on different wifi networks. I live on a boat and the marina wifi isn’t reliable. Due to the configuration of the marina I can access different wifi networks better on different areas of the dock and the boat. My netgear covers the entire boat and dock area around it. Everything I have works fine on the netgear wifi except the wyze cams. I have deleted several, Wyze cam and Wyze cam 2’s and tried to install them on my netgear wifi. The password for the dual band selection uses the same password for both. I have 4 smart tvs, 2 phones and both of my kids phones and tablets on the netgear wifi. My phone can see the network and I can go through the setup process but it always fails to connect. I even set the netgear box right next to the cameras when attempting to connect with no success. I imagine it’s a simple setting I need to change on the netgear system but I haven’t a clue what it would be. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Call Netgear support , (408) 907-8000

They’ve been able to help me fix my issues with my router multiple times , you more than likely will need a laptop and an Ethernet cable to connect the laptop to your router and then go on the website and change some settings .

Thank you !

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I don’t have a Netgear router and haven’t configured on for many years (like 802.11 B long ago). And, every router manufacturer has a different UI for it’s settings configuration. I am not familiar w\ Netgear’s admin access and config UI. If it is a modern router, you should be able to access it thru the Netgear NightHawk app or thru the router’s onboard HTML IP Admin access.

The Netgear support site can help with this:

Since the cams will install on other networks, but not the Netgear, it clearly points to some issue with the Netgear.

Some users have found success with other troublesome routers by disabling the 5GHz network while installing. Additionally, insure that there aren’t any leading or trailing spaces in the password or that it isn’t excessively long. Some cams have had issues in the past with passwords over 21 characters. You might want to try to set up a Guest Network on the Netgear with a simple SSID and PW and try an install to that to test if that might be the issue. Just make sure your phone is on that network when you do.

Thanks again SlabSlayer. Good tips I’ll try.