Netgear upgrade, and now the wyze app keeps dropping the cameras

I recently upgraded my router to netgear mesh mk83. I have an old motorola phone that I leave on the countertop with the wyze app running. THe old router which was the verizion standard router never seemed to have a problem with connectivity. The new router, i noticed the app constantly loses connection with the cameras i have. I have to click the icon for reconnect all the time, it’s completely random which camera losses conectivity. Wifi signal should be stronger since it’s a new mesh router with mimo capabiliites. Has anyone had this type of problem. It would be nice if the app would automatically reconnect after noticing a disconnect. I also noticed that sometimes the time stamp would stop counting also, which led to my wife thinking the car was stolen because it was frozen on a shot where the car was out of the driveway. Just never had this problem with the old router, All the routers are using the 2.4ghz frequency even the wyze cam pro which can do 5ghz. So signal is good. I’m not sure why the netgear is being spotty. PHones and computers are all solid. ANy ideas how to troubleshoot… THanks. p.s. I have the cameras logging in a guest network. Using wpa2 security code. Is there any updates that will use wpa3? ALso the new router is a wifi6 router where the old one is wifi5. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the problems.

Is the Wyze App dropping the cams or is the router dropping them? The only thing to change is the router.

Modern routers all have manufacturer specific coding for their network management protocols. I previously used a Netgear router and had to upgrade to something else because of it’s poor management of my IoT & network. They also have QOS and prioritization settings that aren’t doing anything good for your low bandwidth cams. Best option if you are keeping the router is to get into the router app and shut down all the black magic network management junk so that it gives every device the same priority on the network.

You know, THe qos is turned off by default. Do you think I should turn that on and set it for the cameras?

I’m going to say it’s the router because the old router, the cameras never dropped off.

I turned on mimo thinking that might help but did nothing. cameras are still dropping off the wyze app randomly.

I turned off the QOS in the one I had and added an extender. It still had a problem maintaining devices.

The only cam I know of that has MIMO capability is the V3Pro, although some of the newer cams may also.

i placed the phone near the mesh router thinking it was a distance thing. ANd still over time one would drop off.