Neighbor's Car Totalled

Today, 5/5/24, is the first time I have had to use my cameras recordings for law enforcement purposes since purchasing my first cam v3 in 2019. I’m very happy to have not needed my cameras in that timeframe but I am definitely glad I have them now.

My cams captured a hit and run of my neighbors vehicle and I seem to be the only one on the street with cameras. I’m happy to say that because of Wyze, the police know what vehicle they are after.


Hopefully your neighbor lets you know if anything comes from it.


Looks like out a window with a screen but still a good catch. White SUV.


I’m not a car guy, but I know how how to use AI and image searches and it appears to be a White Dodge Durango :joy:


Interestingly, there are a TON of sample images of Dodge Durangos involved in criminal activity basedon all the examples Google Lens pulled up for me showing similar vehicles cited in news articles.

Total match:


There were lots that looked identical to this one captured on the Wyze cam.

Police can narrow their search to registrations (or insurance) of white dodge durangos in the area, and maybe even call up a few auto repair places to see if anyone brought one in recently for damage to the front passenger side.

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I didn’t even think about using AI to search for the vehicle model! I’ve got to think about using AI more often for things like this.

Thankfully we were able to determine it was a newer Dodge Durango shortly after the incident. Hopefully that means the car has insurance. This area is notorious for no insurance hit and runs.

It is very interesting that the Durango seems to have a correlation with crime. I wonder what the causation of that is.

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They’re all the same Durango. Don’t let the different rims fool ya. That’s just them tryin’ to be sneaky-like. :shushing_face::wink:

It’s like when I was going through an orientation program once, and an emergency department physician told us that they would occasionally have a guy show up in the department who had clearly been in some kind of physical altercation. The patient wasn’t always the same, but the story always was: “I was just walkin’ along down by the river, minding my own business, when these two dudes jumped me!

The doc speculated that if we could just find out who these two dudes were, then so many problems could be solved, and we could spare so many guys so much misery!

(He was kidding, of course. The real story is that no guy who shows up in the ED because he got into a drunken bar fight wants to admit that he got his aft kicked by one other guy, so he thinks he has to demonstrate how tough he is by saying that it took two other guys to put him in that condition.)

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Was Durango driver wearing auto racing helmet? That was a big hit but no “pause” at all. The driver was still “good” to drive+turn.

And why didn’t the airbags deploy? A hit like that would have knocked the driver out.

Probably this was a Durango ad? Were they trying to tell people that Durango has the best safety?

Kinda like the old “takes a lickin’” Timex ads? If they’re going to advertise Durango’s association with criminal activity, then they can spin it to the other side, 'cause I think that’s one of the vehicles our local police department uses.

The only difference between criminal v.s. law enforcement is where the media and the government see them.

Suggest enabling the time and date stamp on your cameras so it is embedded with the image. The automatic time tag might prove useful, especially for law enforcement.


I am under the impression that I have that setting enabled.