Need walk through on setting up NOX on Windows 10 to view cam on desktop

NoxPlayer is not intuitive. I need someone to help walk me through setting it up to view my Wyzecam on my Windows10 desktop.

I use BlueStacks to view it on my Windows 10 desktop and it works flawlessly.

Wanna help me with Bluestacks, I have it installed but have no idea what to do next. And, is it safe or is your feed accessible through Google to the whole dam world

It’s just basically an Android emulator. I used my Google account to set it up, then you just go to the play store and install the Wyze app. The setup is just as if you were doing in on your phone.

I also have it setup through TinyCam app so I can see a live feed of all my cams on one screen. I’ll send screenshots later tonight when I get back home.

Never mind, I got it up. Not thrilled with the aspect ratio nor allowing Google access to my entire life

can you live stream to say like twitch from these or just emulators?