need video from a stolen pan scan camera

girlfriends place was broken into and on the way out he seen the cameras and took them with him. they both had a 16gb sd card in them. i can get the little notification clip but i need the full 15 min video or playback from the day. i click on both the cams and it says cant connect to device and wont show anything


i currently have 3 15 sec clips from notification



They’re good cameras for casual monitoring, but they don’t qualify as full surveillance equipment, for this very reason.

For $20, this is what you get.

A wired video surveillance system with local, secure storage can be bought for a few hundred dollars.

I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Even if the thief doesn’t realize there’s a card in there, and sets the camera up to his local wifi, it will be with a different account and you won’t have access.

Regarding the 15 sec clips you do have… make sure you download them and save locally asap, because if the thief reinitializes the camera to a new account, they will no longer be online.

I know that Wyze is considering the possibility of paid cloud storage which would provide longer cloud-based alert videos. No work on when (or if) that might happen.

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i already saved them to ipad and pc and shared them to my emails